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Join our next cohort!

The last edition of our Ecosomatic coaching training has ended in 2021.

We’re scheduling a new cohort for Autumn 2022.

Enjoy continuous learning oportunities

Join one of our next nature immersions! See the calendar below for announcements. We’ll be completing the planning of 2022 seminars over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our priority list (and get the free ebook about Nature Coaching!) to be the first to know as the dates are released.



Spring Retreat

Mount Amiata, Italy

3 days in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. This immersion is dedicated to practicing forest bathing and deep nature connection. Language: Italian.



Mid-Spring Retreat

Adda river and the lower Alps

3 days exploring the lower Alps near Bergamo and the woods along River Adda, where Leonardo da Vinci created many of his works.



Summer Retreat

Valpolicella and Lessinia, Italy

3 days in the powerful land where our Neanderthal ancestors have lived and unted for 30.000 consecutive years. This immersion is dedicated to the Archetype of the Hunter.

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