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Ecosomatic coaching training

A unique program that blends embodiment, contemplative practices, ecopsychology, biomimicry, climate awareness and deep nature connection

Deep presence

Our focus is on expanding the deep presence of the coach, by integrating contemplative practices with deep nature connection and forest bathing.

Personal growth

You will be part of a transformational journey that will impact the way you perceive yourself and your entire relational ecosystem.

Somatic and ecosomatic

We integrate somatic and ecosomatic practices to reconnect the intelligence of our bodies to the intelligence of the Earth and all living systems.


We consider Socrates the first coach in human history: the art and practice of maieutic dialogue is the root of our coaching mindset.


Nature-connectedness and ecopsychology awaken your biophilia: the love of life, that ignites our willingness to take care of our planet.


Aligning with life’s evolutionary principles, we foster personal and collective resilience, becoming change agents with awareness and care.

Learning hours

Number of student contact hours (synchronous learning): 70
Number of student self-paced learning hours (asynchronous learning): 30
Total number of learning hours (blended learning): 100.

Who is this course for?

Trainers, coaches, educators, teachers, social workers, therapists, professionals in holistic disciplines or other professionals in the field of personal care and human development are ideal recipients of this course.

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